Role PLaying Games


Ready to adventure with your friends?  With plenty of free table space, bring your crew in for all the monster killing, cave exploring, and dungeon mastering to be had!


We support a large Pathfinder community here at GCP.  Both regular versions and the card game can be played here on Tuesdays and Saturdays regularly.

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Unpainted Minis

Need a character to represent you in the dungeon?  We have all sorts of name-brand DnD and Pathfinder minis for you to paint yourself!

Painted Minis

Numerous painted figurines are displayed proudly in one of display cases.  Stop by the pick up a sweet monster or a hero for the field of battle.  And they already are painted!


So many Bones creatures.  Big ones. Small ones.  Angry ones.  Heroic ones.  Come get them all!

Don't See What You Want?

If there is ever a book, spelldeck, or any accessory you do not see in the store, send us an email or stop by and we can get it on our next order!