Active/Retired Duty

We thank all members of our military, both active and retired.  Just have a quick proof of service while checking out and you will always receive 10% off of every purchase.

Thank you for your service!

First Responders

We also thank all First Responders.  For keeping us safe and protected at home, you will also receive 10% off of every purchase with a form of ID showing your service.

Thanks for everything you do for us!



Included in membership are the following perks:

10 % off all purchases and events
Extra 5% off during other promotions
One snack card

One free voucher for the following:

Free FNM (standard, modern)
Free $4.99 comic
Free $5 mini

George Mason Students

Since George Mason is right in our backyard, we want all the students to come enjoy the shop and play space!  As long as you show your student ID when you go to purchase, you get 5% off everything in the store!