Magic the Gathering

Sealed Product

Packs of all the standard are always in stock.  So if you are itching for some packs or to do some drafting, stop by for some fun!

MtG Singles

Need singles? Call up to ask for a card in stock, or even better yet, stop by!  Nothing like window shopping for cards or searching through a dollar box for the diamond in the rough.

Sleeves and Boxes

To keep the cardboard protected we have it all.  There is a variety of deck boxes, sleeves, and accessories for your liking!

Hottest New Product!

For pre-releases, drafts, and all the new fun action, GCP is the place for you!

Daily Events

We have MtG events just about every day!  Check the weekly schedule to see what cards are being slung around on each day.


Every Friday night we host four events:

Competitive Commander @ 5 pm

Standard, Modern, Draft @ 7:30