Our largest miniature community is Warmachine/Hordes.  Wednesday evenings is a good day to come and learn the game from the best.  We are the Northern Virginia Store wars reigning champions for Warmachine!


Fly through space on Monday nights @ GCP and take down your friends during some games of X-Wing!

Army-Specific Ordering

Need that last piece of your army and can't find it?  Be sure to let us know and we will inquire from our distributor and get it to you as soon as possible!


Half the hobby is playing and the other half is painting!  We stock all sorts of paints for your figurines.  We also will be hosting painting tutorials so check the calendar for those!

Free Table Space

As is tradition, GCP always provides free table space for any game that you want to play!

Test Your Army

Sundays we host Warhammer 40k, Monday evening is X-Wing, and Wednesdays is Warmachine/Hordes.  Come out to test your battle plans!